Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Art for Grabs

Finally, i came out a poster to promote our booth for the event, Art for Grabs. We wish to attract more people to visit us on 20th & 21st Dec 2008 at Annexe Gallery, Central Market.

We are selling handmade accessories, stamps, reclycled basket and clay accessories.

For those not sure the actual location for Annexe Gallery, can visit the website.

I wish you all Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your holiday!! ;-)


  1. Hey Agness

    Nice poster. But it is called Art For Grabs, not Grab For Art. See you there!


  2. WOW !! That's a pity I can't visiting to your shop~Too far from my hometown . Anyhow , You really have a great handmade accessories !!

  3. ❤oms❤Ψ,Arrowouiz, thanks!! ;-)


~ Thanks for the message 感谢你的留言~ ^_^