Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pipit Market is BACK!

Pipit Market is coming BACK!

Please support local handmade
We will have a gathering on 15th May 2010
@t Annexe Gallery, KL

I will join this event, please come to support me. ;-)
See you there! :p

Here is the map:

"Getting there"

The Annexe is situated in the building directly behind the Central Market building. Take note that the two buildings are not structurally connected. If you’re reaching us by walking through the main Central Market building, you have to come out of the back entrance to find the Central Market Annexe at the next building. The Annexe Gallery 1, 2 and 3 (and office) is on the top floor of the Annexe, which is the 2nd floor. Galleries 4 and 5 are situated on the 1st floor. The mezzanine and ground floors are occupied by leased tenants.

If you’re taking public transport, the nearest train station to Central Market is the RapidKL Pasar Seni LRT station. If you’re taking a cab, most taxi drivers will understand “Central Market” as the destination, but you will have to orientate yourself toward to the Annexe Gallery behind it.

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  1. emmm...okok..i will upload the map here. ;-)

  2. 我要去~~~请问还有多于的档位吗?

  3. I would love to go to something like this!!
    CDonovan - swapbot

  4. eve,好像full了耶。不過你可以去看看。;-)

    Laoch 'Rione, thanks for visiting! ;-)

    Hearthandmade, will visit ur blog soon. U like handmade too?

  5. It's such fun participating in these kinds of things! The support of other vendors and the camaraderie is so uplifting. Hope you'll be really successful, with your talent I'm sure you will.
    ~Jaemac from swap-bot

  6. Good luck with the shop! Im following your blog from the craft/design blog swap on swap-bot!
    -mariaisabel from swap bot

  7. verry cute items, i am lefroggy from swap-bot! for the "more then one blog" swap

  8. jennifer,'s quite fun!

    maria, & leffroggy, thanks for ur comment here. ;-)

  9. I love the card. Hope the Annex fun goes well :)


  10. Ambrosia, thanks! nice to meet you! ;-)

  11. Thank you Agnes. I've never heard about this event before. It's more to handmade accessories or all handmade items? But I'd love to check them out. Meeting you also, probably.


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