Thursday, June 24, 2010

海洋之心 Heart of the Ocean

BL 12010
Status: SOLD

Materials: czech glass bead, heart shape pewter charm

Measurement: approximately 17.5 cm included toggle

Blue Czech glass bead

heart shape pewter charm

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  1. hey dear, why don't you named it "Heart of The Ocean" ? ^^

    Nice necklace ~~

  2. Ya wo...haha...i think the topic sampai headache...hehe..
    Thanks! ;-)

  3. ahhha ^^
    the name, remind me of TITANIC!
    ah~ ah~ ahhhh~~~ lol!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Akoe, yala...cos of the mov, so i gv tis item this name. haha
    btw, i like all ur item's name le. I always dunno wat to put, cos my eng is too weak. :(

    How wish got ppl help me to think each of the name of the item. :p

  5. omg so pretty. if the buyer doesnt want it, i'd like to buy it please. or if you make another one.

  6. Kimmie, i will let you know. i can remake 1 for u but need to check my stock 1st. ;-)

  7. How nice is it...Do you still have it in stock?

  8. Apple, some materials is out of stock, i need to restock 1st. Will inform you once i got it! ;-)


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